Cenior Rhino League Rules


  1. Players will be rostered and play for only 1 team.
  2. Players must have numbers on the back of their jersey ( JERSEYS AND SOCKS ARE PROVIDED BY LEAGUE)
    1. Players will play with the same number all season
    2. Taped on numbers are NOT acceptable.
    3. Players numbers must be entered into Cenior Rhino Adult Leagues rosters before the season starts
  3. Players must play in at least FIVE games to be eligible for playoffs. This is to prevent bringing “ringers” into the league. Captains may write a formal letter of support for any player not meeting the five game rule. The letter must be received before the 10th week of competition. The letter will be reviewed by the Cenior Rhino Adult Hockey Coordinator and team captains. Approval will be given on a case by case basis. Approval/Denial will be sent to the Captain.
  5. Forfeits will be declared after the first period ends and the team still doesn’t have enough players. Then the game is a forfeit and the team wins 3-1.
  6. The warm up clock will start 15 minutes after the last game scheduled start time if teams are present but not ready to play.
  7. Teams must have at least FIVE players (four skaters plus one goalie) present to start the game. Goalies must have approved equipment (see below).
    1. A team can start a game without a designated goalie; however, if designated goalie (with approved equipment) does not show up with at least 10 minutes left in the 1st period, the game will be not declared a forfeit, only if the team with a goalie agrees to play.
    2. Pulling goalie in appropriate situations, i.e. delayed penalties or end of game, is still allowable.
  8. Player sub Rule: Teams are allowed to sub up to 10 skaters and 1 goalie if needed to play the game. (meaning if a team only has 7 skaters before the game the team captain can call on the sub list to find 3 more skaters to reach the 10 skaters for the game.) The league will provide each team a roster of players they can call to play as a sub player. If a team is short a Player score of a 5 then a sub player needs to be the same player score.
  9. Games are three 15-minute periods running clock. The last 5 minutes in the 3rd period will be stop clock. If the score is a THREE goal different in the last five minutes in the 3rd period, the clock will be a run clock.
  10. If a regular season game ends in a tie, it will move directly to a best of three shootout (i.e. alternating penalty shots on goal. Home team chooses to go first or second) TO DECIDE WHO GOES FIRST FOR THE SHOOT OUT BY USING THE PLAYER SCOREING THE PLAYER WITH HIGHEST PLAYER SCORE GOES FIRST THEN TO THE LOWEST PLAYER SCORE WILL GO LAST IF NEEDED  to decide the game if time exists. If the score is still tied after 3 shooters per team, teams will continue alternating penalty shots on goal until one team scores and the other misses if ice time exists. PLAYERS THAT HAVE A PENALTY IN THE LAST MINUTE OF THE GAME WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SHOOT IN THE SHOOTOUT.
  11. If a PLAYOFF game ends in a tie, a five minute period will be played with the first team scoring the winner. If neither team scores then they will move directly to a “Sudden Death” shootout as described above.
  12. If a team reaches the playoffs and their regular goalie is unable to play, the captain of the playoff team is allowed to email all other captains for the use of their goalie. Additionally, the playoff team captain may ask the Cenior Rhino Adult Hockey Coordinator to determine if there are designated goalies allowed to play. Goalies that have not been playing in league and have not been cleared by Cenior Rhino Adult Hockey Coordinator will not be permitted to play in playoff games.
  13. Locker rooms will be assigned on the TV in the Scheels IcePlex Arena lobby. (THE LADIES WILL DRESS IN THE LOCKER ROOM ON THE WEST END OF THE ZUEGER RINK)


  1. Each player on a team’s roster must sign a Cenior Rhino Registration Form fill out with AAU Hockey # and paid in full before stepping on the ice.
  2. Each player must have a jersey with a number on the back and must wear the same number each week. (Provided by Cenior Rhino Hockey)
  3. Rosters must be finalized by the 2nd week of play and can have a maximum of 13 players plus 1 goalie.
  4. Remaining balances on account must be paid by the end of the 2nd month.
  5. The ZERO rule (if a team has a player that does not show up for half of the teams games the team captain can ask the Cenior Rhino Adult League Coordinator for another player from the waiting list to add to the team’s roster to make 13 skaters and 1 goalie) If the league doesn’t have any names on the list the captain can recruit a player as long as the league director approves of the player.

Points System

The Points system awards points to teams based on their record for the purpose of seeding the tournament brackets for playoffs. The following is the Traditional points system:

1. Win = 2 Points

2.  Tie/Shootout Loss = 1 Point

3. Loss = 0 Points

Playing Rules

  1. Cenior Rhino Adult Hockey League will be play under the AAU Hockey Rules and Code of Conduct.
  2. This a No checking league.
  3. Physical or verbal abuse of officials or players will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Any player involved in the abuse of officials or other players may be immediately ejected from the game and may face further disciplinary action.
  4. Fighting is prohibited and will result in an immediate ejection from the game and will be suspended indefinitely.
  5. Any player receiving three minor or two major penalties during the same game will be ejected from the game.
    1. Upon receiving a 3rd minor or 2nd major penalties the player must head to their locker room & the team captain will serve the penalty.
  6. If a player receives 3 game ejections in a season the player will be suspended from the season.
  7. A goal shall be scored when the entire puck is put across the goal line by means of stick or deflection. Stick must be lower than the cross bar to count as deflected goal.
  8. The puck may not be handled by a player’s hand outside of their defensive zone, except the goalies, unless to guide it to himself/herself.
  9. Blue line icing will be enforced.
  10. Goalie comes out of crease during an icing and fakes playing the puck then icing is waved off.
  11. League playoffs will be played with a 2 rounds best of 3 game series format.


1. Players must have the following approved equipment to play:

  1. Hockey skates
  2. Shin pads
  3. Cup
  5. Protective gloves
  6. Elbow pads (must be covered by jersey)
  7. Hockey pants
  8. Hockey stick

*** No one will be permitted to play without these items. Full equipment is encouraged including full face masks. Protective pads such as shoulder pads, braces, etc… must be worn beneath the uniform.

2. Goalies must have the following approved equipment to play:

  1. Goalie skates
  2. Regulation goalie leg pads
  3. Chest protector covering entire chest and arms
  4. Goalie Cup
  5. HECC hockey approved helmet with facemask
  6. Hockey Pants
  7. Regulation goalie stick
  8. Glove and Blocker

No one will be allowed to play as a goaltender without the proper equipment. Teams with no goalie (after the start of the game) will declare an immediate forfeit. Teams can scrimmage after forfeit is declared.


Two referees will be provided for each game. Their judgment must be respected. Only the captain may discuss a matter pertaining to the interpretation of the rules. Judgment calls may not be questioned. Any problems or concerns may be brought to the Cenior Rhino Adult Hockey Coordinator have the authority to enforce Zero Tolerance Policy.

Minor and Major Penalties and Game Misconduct

2 minute and 5 minute penalties – depending on their severity:

  1. For every 12 minor penalties accumulated a game suspension will be enforced.
  2. Boarding Handling the Puck in the Crease
  3. Delay of Game High Sticking
  4. Playing with a broken stick Holding
  5. Cross-Checking Hooking
  6. Elbowing Interference
  7. Kneeing Slashing
  8. Spearing Tripping
  9. Roughing Intentionally moving the goal
  10. Throwing the stick Unsportsmanlike Conduct

10 minute penalties and game misconduct (ejection), depending on the severity:

  1. Butt-Ending
  2. Spearing
  3. Checking from behind
  4. Not proceeding directly to the Penalty box
  5. *Leaving the Bench during an altercation: 1 player

*More than 1 player leaving the bench during an altercation will result in an immediate forfeit and game suspension the following week for the entire team.


Penalty Shot

* The purpose of the penalty shot is to restore a scoring opportunity. They are awarded only under one of the following two conditions:

1. An attacking player in possession of the puck, with only the goalie to beat, is fouled from behind.

2. The puck is picked up or trapped in the crease by a defensive player other than the goalie.

All 5 of the following conditions must exist before a penalty shot will be awarded.

1. Player must be over the red line in the attacking end of the rink.

2. Player must have control of the puck.

3. Player must have no-one to pass between self and the goalie.

4. Player must have been fouled from behind (not the side) in desperation.

5. Player must have lost the scoring opportunity. If the player gets a shot off, there will be no penalty shot.


League Fines and Suspensions

  1. Any player involved in fighting, stick fighting, spitting on players/officials, kicking, or deliberately attempting to injure an opponent will be suspended from the Cenior Rhino Adult Hockey League.
  2. Any player who verbally abuses or touches a referee in an opposing manner will be suspended from the Cenior Rhino Adult Hockey League.
  3. Depending on the severity of the incident, the team will be assessed a fine and the player will be suspended at a minimum from their next scheduled game and depending on the severity of the incident may be suspended indefinitely from Cenior Rhino Adult Ice Hockey.
  4. All suspensions are at the discretion of the Cenior Rhino Adult Hockey Coordinator based on severity, and will involve a review board using USA Hockey Rules.
  5. The review board will be one captain from each team and one official and a score keeper. (the captain with the player with the infraction will not be part of the board at the time of the review.)



Team Fines

  1. When an individual player earns a suspension and subsequent fine the team’s captain will be notified via email.

O Details will include the player name, date of infraction, infraction, list of previous infractions (if necessary), player suspension, team fine, and deadline to pay team fine.

  1. Teams, not individuals, will be fined according to the schedule below. This puts the responsibility for a team’s behavior on the team itself.

o Fines can be paid on Cenior Rhino Adult Hockey League with a check .

  1. Team fines must be paid before the end of the player’s suspension. If a team does not pay the fine prior to the end of the player’s suspension, that team will be suspended from play until the fine is paid.

Player Suspension Guidelines

  1. When an individual player earns a suspension and subsequent fine the team’s captain will be notified via email.
    1. Details will include the player name, date of infraction, list of previous infractions (if necessary), player punishment, team fine, and deadline to pay team fine.
    2. Major Infractions accrue and do not expire (in a previous season the major infraction will carry over into the new season).
    3. Taking a season off does not reset a player’s number of offenses.
    4. Players may not return to play until their suspension is served in full and their team fine is paid in full.
Unsportsmanlike ConductFightingViolent ConductAbuse of Referee or Staff
First Offense$100 team fine and player suspended for season$100 team fine and player suspended for 10 games$100 team fine and player suspended 4 games minimum