2018 A/B Rhino Summer League

2018 A/B Rhino Cup Winners

FR-Nate Miller Jake Sheffield (C), Spencer Mannes, Zach Bettmeng, Lucas Figland

BR: Chaitanya Marvici, Bryce Andersen, John Miller, John O’Malley (A), Ben Prisbe, Brian Prisbe

Not Pictured, Mason Nelson, Ben Jorgensen, Matt Waldner




2nd Place was the Rhinos

FR: Paul Harbaugh, Jason Gervais, Roger Kasa, Matt Reiff, Spencer Lawrence

BR: Pat Klotzbach, Karl Forsburg, Brian Rice, Mitch Bump, Bill DeNet, Matt Niessink (A), Tyler Lawrence (C)

Not Pictured: Ryan Sztapka, Merritt Rysvay

3rd Place was the Timbers

FR: Keegan LaFollette, Bryce Lien, Brad Graves, Mitch Patrick

BR: Gil Haugan,Rick Everist, Vince Anderson, Nick Schroeder, Kevin Heinen, Joe Bozied, Jeremy McClennen(C)

Not PicturedL Toby Bertsch (A), Talon Flachman, Wyatt Nielsen

4th Place the Toilet Bowl winners Silverbacks

FR: Sam Prisbe, Caleb Anderson, Matt Carlson, Marlow Ahmed, Vince Jones, Kyle Baier

BR: Jeremy Janacek (C), Cole Turner, Josh Dockstader (A), Dallas Pfeiffer, Daren Cook, John McCollister, Shawn McDougall

Not Pictured: Paul Koupal

2018 Cenior Rhino Spring session end of year party

Here are the players that won some hardware for the 2018 Cenior Rhino spring session.

John Roesler won MVP of the league

with 9 goals 8 assists for 17 points

Ryan Peterson won the Playmaker with 11 assists.

Nick Forgerty won MVP Goalie

with 190 shots on goal. 21 goals against.

169 saves for 89 saves percentage.

Pat Hectorne won the Sportsmanship Award.

Sam Santa Maria won

the Scott Kelly Most Improved player.




2018 Cenior Rhino Spring Session Games

2018 Cenior Rhino Michael Gall Cup Champions Red Hawks
Defeated the Yaks 1-0

FR-Nick Fogarty, Brigham Wachal, Dallas Shearer, Nick Roach, Ryan Peterson, Jack Berger

BR-John Roesler, Jay Kahl, Adam Cooper, Ryan Soye, Brandon Mercado, Chris Mercado

Not Pictured: Tanner Jones, Tom Weisbecker




Yaks 2nd place

FR- Nick Sorensen, Clark Highby, Levi Olson, Maddie Elkins, Joe Barton

BR- Vince Carrig, Kyle Sampson, Brian Knutson, Ty Toribio, Rick Roach, Jason Henry, LandonTreftz.

Not Pictured: Holly Zimmer, Bill Peterson

Knights Takes 3rd place over the White Stars

2018 Cenior Rhino Toilet Bowl Winners White Stars

2017-18 Cenior Rhino End of Year Party

This years award winners MVP was a Tie between Austin Klueber & Brigham Wachal both has 17pts

Playmaker went to Brigham Wachal with 9 assists

MVP Goalie was Nick Fogerty with 86.70% save percentage

The Scott Kelly Most Improved Player went to Ryan Peterson

The Sportsmanship award went to Steve Rasse


LR: Brigham Wachal, Ryan Perterson, Steve Rasse