2019-20 CRL Winter Session End of the Year Party

2019-20 Winter Session CRL Awards LtoR MVP Goalie was Nick Fogerty from the Dragons. (CHRIS MERCADO SUB IN FOR NICK FOR HE WAS UNAVAILABLE TO ATTEND.) Played 11 games took 200 shots, had 20 goals scored on him, saved 180 shots with a 90% saves percentage.

Most Improved Player is Josh Dirnberger from the Knights, was voted by the CRL players of the league.

Player maker award goes to 2 players. Amy Gackstatter from the Dragons, she played 10 games had 6 assists to win the Play-maker award. The second players is Kyle Sampson from Knights, he played 10 games and also had 6 assists.

MVP award goes to 2 players as well. Jacob Grady from the Hawks, he played 10 games with 11 goals 4 assist with 15 points. Kyle Sampson from the Knights, he also played 10 games with 9 goals 6 assists for 15 points.

Sportsmanship award was voted by the players from the league. The winner of the 2019-20 Winter session is Brian Knutson from the Yeti’s


LtoR: Ryan Petersen, Chritsa Friedrich, Joe Barton

Men’s Division

1st Place Ryan Petersen with a drive of 277 yards

2nd place Joe Barton with a drive of 270 yards

Women’s Division

1st place Christa Friedrich with a drive of 140 yards

Cole Forrest

Christa Friedrich

Nolan Twaddle

Andrew Lathen

John Roesler