About Jr. Rhino Hockey

Rhino Hockey was formed in 2013 to provide the youth of the Sioux Empire area a place to play and learn the game of hockey. Rhino Hockey has many options for all levels of hockey players.

The mission of Jr. Rhino Hockey is to emphasis long term success and develop hockey skills in players of all ages. Our experienced coaching staff has over 80 years of combined hockey knowledge. We are dedicated to player development and providing feedback that will help each player to get to the next level

Rhino Hockey LLC has two levels for hockey players. We have Jr. Rhino hockey for the ages from 4 – 18 year olds to participate in a 10 week winter session. Plus Jr. Rhino has a 10 week spring/summer session.






Rhino Hockey LLC has an Cenior Rhino hockey level for adults from 18 years old on up for new players to hockey and also for players that have played in the past and want to get back into the game we all love to play.

The adult programs have three options. 1- is for the new players to the game of hockey called Cenior101. There is a fall/winter & spring /summer 12 week session. 2-Cenior Rhino has a 17 week winter & Spring/Summer session with 4 teams in both sessions. 3- is for adults that are higher skilled players called A/B Rhino Division this is a 17 week spring league with 4 teams.